Clients: Eden Hospital

 Your success is our success!

We are so proud that our first major success story was assisting Eden Hospital to reach their goal 'to be named as the 'primary Trauma Center for Alameda County'. We use this as an example because Eden Hospital benefited from our efforts back in 1986. We helped them reach their goal. That investment in us will last for years.


The Daily Review; August 1, 1986.
"... the trauma center contract won't necessarily go to the top scores. ...scores were arrived at based on a complicated formula... and other factors." ­Rich Riggs
and those other factors are...

We made a video that raised the hairs on the back of their necks, showing the trauma team in action. Eden won by a narrow margin of less than one percent. Aside from the point system the video left a lasting impression that made the difference! That's our job; effective media. You're the professional at what you do, you leave the media presentation of it up to us. When given the proper opportunity, we always meet your goal.

-­Stacy Poulos/Producer


      Titles: "Trauma Presentation"
      "Trauma Orientation"
      "Paramedic Training-Certification"
      "Neurological Surgery Performed By Dr. Guidry M.D."