Millrock is a company in Main on the East Coast, they custom designed cabinetry for a coffee shops and restaurants on the West Coast 2,000 miles away. They needed quality photos of their job ASAP. They called us. We were able to do a test of sample angles to show Millrock what the room looked like with their product in it, this allowed them to pick their favorite angles that best represented their work.

In the mean time the president (a critical eye for photography) went on tour to New York. In between meetings he was able to go on line to a secure hidden site, pick the ones he liked, made comments and forward them to his partner in Main. Then forward this O.K. to us in California to complete the job. They were all able to rest easy knowing a company they will never meet in person (but came highly recommended), is giving them excellent service 2,000 miles away. They were able to get the finished product off the internet and receive high quality photos on a CD via mail to put in a trade magazine AD and on there web site all... all in one weeks time. That's the power of media and the quality and efficiency of on your side.