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Author & Director Stacy Poulos, Creative Excellence Telly Award in one hand, and tell all book Life In A Nut Shell in the other. [See details]


The 29th Annual 2008 Telly Awards
Some of the 2008 silver video/film winners include: A&E, Discovery HD, Comcast, History Channel, ESPN, National Geographic Channel, 20th Century Fox, SONY, NASA, NBC Universal, PBS, Virgin Records, Fox, CNN, Sports Illustrated, CBS, Time Life, Time Warner Cable, Warner Bros.,.and of course

National Academy
Of Television Arts and Science honors:
Stacy Poulos
1992 Certificate of
Excellence In Production
"For Such a Time as This"
Excellence, one frame at a time.

To us, being granted a job and having repeat business is an award in itself. It shows that we are trusted and respected time after time by large and small clients. In addition, we have proven our excellence and have respect from our peers for our craft, from one frame photography to our speciality full video production.

We are award winning even in the newest technology --multimedia/ web design. It's just one more avenue to what we always do best: communication. Read some Letters from our clients. We are a good-willed company and the media loves to cover us. [Read some news articles] . & Golden Visions
 Best of the Web
for Mac OS -
"Gold Award for Public Service"
Honors: Stacy Poulos
November 18, 1999.

"One of our highest honors. You have demonstrated a passion to educate, assist or inform others for the common good, and have made a valuable contribution to the pursuit of excellence on the world wide web."

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Catalina Art Association
Avalon, California
Stacy Poulos
Black & White photography
"On My Way To Better Days"


June 1992
Bellinie Scholarship Awards:
Stacy Poulos
Outstanding community service & scholastic achievement


 "Making money is easy if money is all you want. You have to subtract for wanting to save the planet, integrity, doing what you love, and the pursuit of excellence. "

- Stacy Poulos / Producer