Job Openings & Opportunities.

Openings & Opportunities.
Read Carefully. We are always looking for independent talent. We are an equal opportunity contractor and encourage diverse independent talent. You can submit a resume or rate sheet, stating your specialty and experience on equipment and/or programs. If you want to intern or volunteer please submit that as well.
If you send us an e:mail DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS! Or put us on a mailing list. If you have a link to a web site we will review it. Thank you.
E:mail:* (Put in subject: Contractor/services: and your speciality).
(example: Subject: Contractor : "Editor"
E:mail Address:
Phone number:
Availability/not available? i.e. schedule.
Talents: Be specific: editor, technical writer, voice over, etc.
(experience on equipment or programs please let us know your level of experience.)
Please make sure you have given us at least your name and phone number with area code, thank you.
Do you have transportation? Car?
Are you in the Northern California Reel Directory? What Page?

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