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We are a solid company with a no-nonsense approach to media.  We stand behind our integrity, cost effectiveness and business philosophies. Simply put, we are excellent at what we do. Whatever your media needs, we look at your 'big picture' to offer business solutions that make sense. We specialize in video production and are in high demand for quality video that looks good on DVD, on screen and can morph into new technologies such as; web sites, Podcasts and iPods. There is a lot more to making a video, our videos are effective, have character and have proven to be top of our class. And with not knowing about business these days, we have been in business 25 years and are here to stay.

Most of the talent that works for are the best independents available, lead by Award winning Stacy Poulos, Multimedia Producer and President of, the eyes behind the film cell.  Poulos was practically born with a camera in her hand. She started taking photos at the age of seven (Black & White Photo by her at the age of seven) and began working on her father's magazine, 'Entertainment East' Dining and Nightlife Guide for the East Bay, soon after (Pictured in front of printing press as a teenager).  Her extensive education in Film Production and Degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting, along with extensive work experience is a powerful asset in meeting today's multi-media needs and podcasting rave.  Poulos has received training in all the latest technology and gained powerful insight from one of the developers of the first web browsers ever from the onset of the web. Outside of, Poulos has taught Television at Chabot College, consulted for many companies and cities, worked as a TV Tech for Alameda County Office of Education and Chabot College, produced for United Cable, and evaluated TV programming for KQED. A natural talent for media, Poulos's, background contributes to an exceptional and creative image that has won awards and endorses our slogan: Excellence, one frame at a time.

Poulos established Playback Video and Film Productions in 1984 and has produced for well over 200 clients . In 1996, she morphed Playback into digital video, multimedia and web design in order to meet the future demands of media production, thus adding the '.net' (for network of media experts) to our name. Because of the diverse needs in media today, Poulos has a labor pool of specialized experts who keep clients on the cutting edge of technology in a cost effective way.  No one at has a desk job; everyone is a specialized expert in their field. "My reputation for quality and business integrity, as well as my company's ability to change with the demands of the industry, are my most important assets in maintaining my business successfully over the last 25 years. New technology to me, is like a microwave to a fine chef... it's just another appliance we have to cook with." -- Stacy Poulos /Owner,


Being excellent at her craft and achieving her clients, objectives are Poulos, personal pursuits, but using the power of media for a good causes and lifting the human spirit are the most rewarding experiences of all.  Recently She was awarded an "Einstein Award" for her dedication to Dyslexia.TV. When you hire, you not only get a team that is committed heart-and-soul to your project; you also enable us to donate full and subsidized media services for good causes.  Some of the projects supported by are under an umbrella mission, "Golden Visions" to "help others who help others make a difference". Our pet project is to bring light to Learning Disabilities and this effort has received worldwide recognition. Over 6,000 people a MONTH from around the world are enlightened because of our efforts.