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We make YouTube, TV, iPods, iTunes, pod casts, iPads, blah, blah, blah, look and sound good.

CARH-INC.COM. I recomend looking at this page about how it works.


"The Story Of CARH".

Multimedia Project; Presentation of Property For Leasing.

In 1997 we produced this video as part of a Multimedia CD (At the time the latest and greatest technology). It was sent out to potential companies wanting to rent property in the Silicon Valley as a potential location for leasing and streamed on line. The bare bones property existed, but the building was still in the makings. I shot parts of the property from a helicopter and my animator matched my shots of the property taken from the engineers CAD files, we then created video clips that pointed out the full potential of the property. The project was a success and the property was leased.  


 Streaming Video Production Sample KO-Wensites 2009 [click here]

PG&E Training Video 3.7 MB

Andronico's theater

You will need a QuickTime player to view this video. It's a free download at The video is 8.9 MB

Music Video 5.2 MB

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