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The design of media doesn't stop at what you want for an 'end product'.
It's also looking at the 'big picture'.

We offer business solutions and logic on top of quality end products. The next logical step when making a video or web site is to advertise it. We have support services to handle all your media needs. Such as making a direct mail piece, TV commercial or Print AD to draw people to your web site or company. If you already have a web site and logo we can improve it, if need be. We can support your presentations with dynamic illustrations, video, flash or Power Point. Once we complete a video or presentation, we can take it off the TV screen and break it down to an interactive web site, or press it onto a CD-ROM, DVD, or vice-versa.

In addition we can package your project with an inviting custom cover, mass duplicate, package and make follow up material to promote it. From concept to hard copies we have extensive background and award winning productions to keep you on the cutting edge of technology in a cost effective way.

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From digital video to film production. Our extensive background in production is our long standing specialty. Now with the newest technologies we can break a video down into a QuickTime or MPEG movie for the web or interactive CD-ROM.  We have won awards for excellence in production and Best Of Festival because we strive for excellence. Our core expertise is in production. Technologies such as web and flash are just other mediums which projects your message it to your viewers.


Custom illustrations samples -- Design samples

Some companies already have an image, some need improvement or branding. The reality is your image and professionalism is what draws people in. Logos can better represent your professionalism and stability. We can design or Redesign a logo or come up with slogans. Such as a construction company; "You dream it, we build it" . Eventually when you're ready, we have the ability animate your logo for video or the web.


Advertising samples

We don't sell space. We sell quality and effective media. We are concerned with your success and look at all the possibilities to help you achieve your goals.

When it comes to media buying, we can bring over 100 clients of negotiating power in your corner. Advertisers look at you as 'one' company. When they look at us, they look at us as a center of a potential '100 clients'. From TV commercials to Print ADS.

We place the ADs targeting YOUR market where ever they are. We have innovative and cheap ways of reaching and staying with your potential clients.


We are proud to introduce an extension of our business.... Girlpages Network!


 Self-Domain Services
· New domain registration
· Transfer a domain to
· Register or transfer large quantities
· Private domain registrations
· Backordering domains
· Monitoring domains you own
· Monitoring domains you don't own
· Domain name masking/forwarding
· Domain name parking
· Expiring domain names
· Starter web page
· Domain For-Sale web page

Self-Email Accounts
· Email Accounts
· WebMail
· Virus Protection
· SMTP Relaying
· Email Forwarding
· Fax Thru Email

Self-Hosting & Web Site Builders
· Hosting, Virtual Dedicated &
Dedicated Servers
· Online web site builder
· Web site creation software
· Secure SSL Certificates
· Photography & image
· Accept credit card payments
· Starter web page
· Domain For-Sale web page
· Ecommerce web site builder
· Font Library

Self-Web Site Marketing & Ecommerce
· Search engine optimization
· Express Email Marketing --
The Spam-Free & Legal Way!
· Pay-per-click search engines
· Accept credit card payments
· Ecommerce web site builder

MULTIMEDIA & WEB DESIGN -- Multimedia & Web samples

Multimedia and web sites require much of the same logic and design concepts as print. While we design and create a web site for you, we gather material to go into promotional and follow up materials to help advertise it.
Some of the applications of web sites are presentation of information about your business, where you are located and what you have to offer. We work best when acompany needs a web presence to help customers understand its business. We also have support services for your current web designer if need be; such as concept, artwork, animation, video, photography and persuasive writing. We offer an excellent Web package of services that comes complete with advertising material to promote your new web site, as well as all the technical stuff to find it in search engines.

PHOTOGRAPHY -- Photo samples

We have over 30 years of photography experience. Excellence, one frame at a time. From aerial photography to underwater photography and everything in between. From digital imaging to black and white and color film. Products, buildings, people, or art? Underwater, on location, on a product table, or in the air. Most projects are eventually transferred to a digital format or can be mastered on it.


Additionally: 360 degree photography is also available.


Every project usually needs to be advertised in print form. We design; post cards, billboards, posters, booklets, brochures, ADS, etc. You can have it printed your self or we can have it printed for you. We have exclusive pricing for customers only. That is if we design your material we will pass printing savings on to you. It's just one more reason we are cost effective. We know of no one who offers this quality at these prices!


We also offer custom calenders, you can choose one of 'Stacy Poulos Photographs' to put on your calendar with your logo, phone number, etc. This has been a very effective and cheap marketing tool. You offer it free on your web site, your customers print it out for free. In 2002 -- 11,500 people down loaded our calendars, that means 11,500 people have our logo address and number on there wall all year long. You also have the option for us to print out high quality calenders so you can hand it out at events.


When we have produced the perfect end product, we provide high quality, high volume duplication of videos, CD's, and DVD's, etc., as well as design a first class cover and package it for you.
We can also make a quick and temporary site for temporary reasons, such as this one day event. We can make it and host it for you.

Technology Video Photo Multimedia & Web
Advertising Design Print Custom illustrations

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