Video Film Multimedia
(510) 538-0155 has a variety of media production services that can take your video project off the TV screen and break it down to an interactive web site, or press it onto a CD-ROM, or visa-versa, as well as duplication, packaging, and distribution. From concept to hard copies we have extensive background and award winning productions to keep you on the cutting edge of technology in a cost effective way. We believe your success, is our success. For over 18 years we have helped huge corporations, entrepreneur's, and up and coming talent reach their media goals.

We provide expert production services:

pointVideo & Film Production
pointWeb Design
pointCommercial Photography
pointDuplication & Packaging
pointPower Point Presentations
New Services
pointEcommerce Novelty products & Fulfillment
pointCo-op opportunities
pointLeasing photos & Video
pointVirtual Store's
pointSelf-ServeWeb Services
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pointCheap domain name registrations
pointHosting & Web Site Builders
pointEmail Web Site Marketing & Ecommerce Accounts
pointMarketing & Ecommerce Self-Security & Protection
Blah, Blah, Blah, etc., etc.

point.Video & Film Production: We take your project from script to screen or today's CPU with proven success! Digital video to film production.

point.Photography: We specialize in black & white photography, but also shoot in color. From 35 mm, to 4x5, black and white, color, or digital; for products, buildings, people, or art? Most projects are eventually transferred to a digital format or can be mastered on it.

point.Multimedia & Web Design: sites require much of the same technology and concept. We will design and create a CD Rom and/or a web site. We do a lot of support services; such as concept, artwork, animation, photography and persuasive writing.

point.Duplication & Packaging: When we have produced the perfect end product, we provide high quality, high volume duplication of video's, CD's, and DVD, etc. We will also design the cover and package for your product.

point.Animation: is usually just another part a of video, film, and multimedia production. Animated JPEG's, TV animation, claymation, CD-ROM's, etc.  

point.Advertising: We start from creation to advertise buying and include such media as: Television, radio, print, web, slide presentation, banners, and billboards.

point.Design: If you are new in business and need company identity, or you need a redesign on a logo or event we make designs unique to your needs.

point.Products: After we have created the perfect end product, duplicated and packaged it for you, we can take your project to the next level and have it available through our newest addition: a division of

point.Links: Need a quick page up for temporary reasons? We can host it for you.

 Self-Domain Services
· New domain registration
· Transfer a domain to
· Register or transfer large quantities
· Private domain registrations
· Backordering domains
· Monitoring domains you own
· Monitoring domains you don't own
· Domain name masking/forwarding
· Domain name parking
· Expiring domain names
· Starter web page
· Domain For-Sale web page

Self-Email Accounts
· Email Accounts
· WebMail
· Virus Protection
· SMTP Relaying
· Email Forwarding
· Fax Thru Email

Self-Hosting & Web Site Builders
· Hosting, Virtual Dedicated &
Dedicated Servers
· Online web site builder
· Web site creation software
· Secure SSL Certificates
· Photography & image
· Accept credit card payments
· Starter web page
· Domain For-Sale web page
· Ecommerce web site builder
· Font Library

Self-Web Site Marketing & Ecommerce
· Search engine optimization
· Express Email Marketing --
The Spam-Free & Legal Way!
· Pay-per-click search engines
· Accept credit card payments
· Ecommerce web site builder

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