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Telly Award winerThe Works of Stacy Poulos

I grew up relying on my intuition and my creative release as my daily bread. Photography, writing, faith and living in the moment have been my strongest passions. This is a compilation of moments on that journey. -Stacy Poulos

I hope that you apperciate the flight of the independant. In order to bring you the highest quality photographs and on-demand books, I have contracted with two companys to handle my products. The good news is that the money goes to me to help my efforts instead of some huge operation that reaps all the profits. So, please examine the different retail stores to see all the wonderful products I have to offer. Enjoy your journey...

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I won a 2008 Telly Award, you can read about it in my second book "Life In A Nutshell"




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"Life In A Nutshell" Stories Along An Extraordinary Journey- By Stacy Poulos

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Life In A Nutshell
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Listen to this recent endorsement by Cheryl Aloftman In Alabama, 1/2009

(Owner of Cheryl's Cafe In Spanish Fort Alabama)

Cheryl Reads tons of books, and compares 'Life In A Nutshell' to "The Autobiography of Eric Clapton", "Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice", By Maureen McCormick's, The Autobiography of Kathleen Turner" and the recent two Best Sellers "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Oprah controversy book "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey. Hear's what she has to say.


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My Life is an adventure. I love to spread the love by give reviews to my friends about my favorate locations. & products. You can check them out on yelp. If your are intrested in a review for you restaurant or business. Send me a coupon for two and what you sugest I try. I will go in annomously and give you my opinion on yelp. I usally bring my camera. Since I'm a photographer you will see the quality of photos I take.


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