From a dreamy eyed seven year old with a vision... the works of Stacy Poulos Writer / Photographer / Philosopher / Philanthropist

The Works of Stacy Poulos

I grew up relying on my intuition and my creative release as my daily bread. Photography, writing, faith and living in the moment have been my strongest passions. This is a compilation of moments on that journey. -Stacy Poulos

My goal with and is to have a exclusive University for students with so called 'learning disabilities.' There you will learn that having a 'learning disability', 'dyslexia' and 'ADD' is simply a byproduct of being a 'Multi-dimensional FreeThinker'. By joining my University you have to sign a declaration of faith signed by a witness, then you may proudly hang your certificate on the wall. It's purpose is solely to be affirmation, as affirmations were always apart of my life.

Through my many efforts I have inspired so many people from around the world it has baffled even me, these letters will tell it all. Feedback [click]

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