BOOK READING: Kona Hawaii Reading & Release April 12, 2008 

It's official I had my first book reading of at kona Stories in Hawaii April 12 2008, at 1 pm (paradise time). I will also be releasing my second book there "Life In A Nut Shell" After that it will be ready to buy on line.

 "Life In A Nutshell" Stories Along An Extraordinary Journey- By Stacy Poulos

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Released June 2008. Buy it on line Or pick it up in person at a coffee shop she frequents, Bodi's Java in Castro Valley [click].


 Released June 1, 2007

"Entangled In The Thought Of You"


- By Stacy Poulos

My road of self discovery. A collection of poetry from an uncommon journey of self-discovery.

Because of my philanthropic pursuit in supporting education this book can not be available through this site or links to it. Even though it is more about the pursuit of love, It's just a little to real for little eyes. And my interest in helping education is more important than publishing a book.