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24/7 Support Phone: (480) 624-2500

What you need to call customer service.

1) They will ask you your "Customer number #" If you are asking a quick question, just say I have a quick question about... email etc. what ever it is. It's not always necessary to give them all your log in info.

2) If it is specific question your "Customer number #" is generally your log in name to your 'main account' and/or your website address if we host it.

3) Then they will ask "Your call in pin # /or the last 4 digests of your credit card number" the one you used to pay for your account." Then your set... ask away... 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They will walk you through the issues you may be having with any of the services we provide.

4) Tricks & Tips about calling in. When the automated operator asks you if you are calling to purchase our products or services, press the "option #1 for sales" Then it will ask you if you are new or existing press the "#2 Option for New" and that will get you the shortest waiting period. Then have your info ready.

My account # or log in name is __________________________________

My call in pin is ______________________________________________

If &/or Stacy Poulos set up your account you can call her for desperate help if your not sure what your log in info is 510-538-0155.


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