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If you design a SGW let me know and I'll add you to my list.
Here are a few examples of our 'self serve' clients who build & maintain their own online website and blog, etc., using our Super Genius Websites .com (SGW) products. These are by far not technically inclined people but, are business entrepreneurs not a afraid to take on a little challenge. I have helped some with the initial design, and just supported others with flash banners, photography and video. Many are one there own working with my Free Technical support. Congratulations on the excellent work!
SuperGeniusWebsites is also just for hosting and other services. These are a couple of example produced by and hosted on SGW
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Welcome to Super Genius Websites dot com (SuperG or SGW) Old enough to be established 26+ years and have hundreds of satisfied clients, arrogant enough to know we're the best web and marketing solution out there, young enough to keep up with the latest and greatest dot what ever, blah, blah, blah. Dumb enough not to charge a lot for the professionals that stay awake 24/7 to walk you through building your SGW site when you have questions ...for free. Annnnnnd we made it easy & cheap enough to have your kid help you get started and pay for it with their allowance.

We are the best internet provider because we're affordable and have available REAL support, REAL people 24/7 (that WANT to TALK to you). Annnnd we're backed by one of the most respected long standing award winning multimedia's companies in the San Francisco Bay Area: Video Film Multimedia. Established in 1984. Your "Website Tonight" account makes it easy for you to plug in and share with your Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube, without having to be a geekie programmer. There are the most valuable tools like; meta data forms, you fill it out and it helps you to be found on Google and other search engines, maximizing your SEO; Search Engine Optimization capabilities. People pay big bucks for SEO. It's almost pointless to have a web advertising campaign with out that in place.

There are plug-ins that come with your SGW self-service account that will help you link to MySpace, Twitter, and facebook. Plug in youTube and other custom scripts without having to be a geekie programmer. With a click of a button there are wiggie wigs that will help your with back-end meta data (important techie talk) that will push you into search engine such as goggle! You can start small and grow.

I recommend starting with a 5 page website and growing with a blog that sends out a RSS feed. All that technical stuff RSS, BS, doesn't matter. You just fill in the blanks and let SuperG calculate the rest. See below.



When you need additional expert media support such as, help dolling up your self-serve site customizing the template you choose, and adding excellent photography, video production (youTube), and advertising it, I'm an award winning producer; Best Of Web 1999, Certificate of Excellence In Production from the Emmys 1992, Creative Excellence From the Telly's 2008. Best Of Festival; Berkeley Film & Video festival i.e. I'm really good at what I do because I love it so much! I especially love when people let me know they are my SuperG customer, so much so, I give them big fat discounts on additional media services from

If you want to sign up yourself for our self service stuff follow the links below and tell them the big cheeze from "" sent you or sign up yourself Self-Service Menu [click here]

The web and blog functions are simply amazing!!

-Stacy Poulos Owner

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Website tonight

I recommend to start with a 5 page "Website tonight" package [Website tonight direct link] watch the video. All template images can easily be replaced with your own. And there is 24/7 free tech support of real people to help you through it.


I also highly recommend a "blogcast" [Blogcast direct link] this is a powerful tool for keeping your customers up to date. The beauty is it's a blog and podcast all in one. Most importantly it can be feed into your facebook, website and twitter account with out having to go into those accounts and re-enter the information.

Site Analytics or Stats

And Finally I recommend stats. Stats [Site Analytics direct link] are invaluable to understating if people are going to your site, where there coming from, what search engine words they are using to get there. If people are linking from one site to yours etc.

Once those things are in place you can add on pages later like up grade to a 10 page site, etc. If you want to add on fancy flash banners like I made for Cindy Buck Presents or a video or photography like you can contact me [Stacy Poulos], I can create something and we can plug it into your website. The beauty is you are always in control of you're own website! If you are a SuperGeniusWebsites client I will give you a 1 hour free consultation on tips for improving your site, your success, is my success. -Stacy Poulos is a division of our Mother Bear Company ''. [click on me to find out more] When you want us to do the master design and you maintain it or us. We're here to do it for you and rocket launch you into success. Of course we're not nearly as cheap as self-serve, but we're good. Maybe you need a TV commercial to advertise your site? Below is a link to the mother company ''.


PS: We give to good causes.

Our mother Bear company '' Specializes in total marketing. From TV commercials to Print AD's. See some of the services ready to back you.