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Stats or Statistics are as valuable as the website it's self. Knowing who, when, and were people come to your site can tell you if your marketing is working.

How do I access statistics for my hosting account?

Web statistics are updated once a day at midnight Arizona Time. After midnight, you will be able to see the former day's statistics.
To access your web site statistics, enter your domain name followed by /stats in your browser.

What happens to my current stat info if I upgrade to Traffic Facts?

If you upgrade to Traffic Facts, and already have a hosting account with us, only 6 months of data will be migrated into Traffic Facts. The reasons for the 6 month limit are:

1. We only keep log files for 6 months because they take up a significant amount of space on our storage devices. Traffic Facts data is built directly from the log files.
2. The current statistics system stores historical data in summary format only and by very specific date ranges. This data is not compatible with Traffic Facts. Traffic Facts provides for a much more detailed view of this data and by variable date ranges.

To access your historical data that does not transfer to Traffic Facts go to
Look for future upgrades of Traffic Facts to address this issue.


How do I use Webmail?

Web-Based Email is an Internet-based email system that lets you send and receive email messages from a Web browser. All you need to use Web-Based Email is an Internet connection and the Internet Explorer Web browser (Internet Explorer v5.5 or later).

To access your Web-Based Email account and check your email:

1. Open your browser
2. Point your browser to your Web-Based Email account. This is the same as your Web address, except you replace "www" with "email." For example:
http://email.enter Web site (domain name)

3. Enter your personal email address (e.g., and password.

Microsoft Outlook

How do I Set Up my E-mail in Microsoft Outlook

Click for a walk through of how to set up.

Need more help? call support: 24/7 (480) 624-2500

They will ask you what you account number is, just give them your website address.

They can answer question about your email. As well as general questions with out login into your account. If created and manages your site you can still ask the 24/7 hot line general questions. We do not guarantee the website creates if the clients have log in access. This way we know for sure what is going on. One movement of a folder and it can create a mess. If something goes wrong we have the most recent updated version of your site on hand. Adding services, and other questions need to be addressed to (510) 538-0155

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