The Greek Key of life is similar to the antennas of our logo 'life is not an easy straight road, it has it's bends and curves'. Neither is communication. Sometimes simply illustrating a point of view, changes attitudes. The power of media has proven to change the face of history. As it continues to change history, peoples ideas, etc. we are dedicated to driving that force in a positive direction by helping good causes with the power of media. I am one individual, living in a small town, that has reached out to thousands of people around the world, so I know it is possible, and have see it done.

In the past 25 years has donated and subsidized many media projects that we believe help good causes. Whether teaching a subject that helps lift the human spirit, helps change attitudes to achieve independence, or help others with resources to fulfill their needs. We have dedicated a majority of our efforts in hopes to better humankind. The heart of '' is 'Golden Visions'. Under this Mission we have helped many organizations with their media needs, giving good causes the power of media including:

  • Alameda County Office of Education
  • Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
  • Chabot College; Women's Programs & Services
  • Cal State Hayward Business for Russia
  • CARH Community Assistance For The Retarded & Handicap
  • Castro Valley High School
  • Castro Valley Adult School
  • Davis Street Community Center
  • Dublin Youth Group
  • - Blessed with dyslexia
  • Girls and Boys Club
  • Gender Balance Project
  • HerStory For Futures Unlimited
  • Joseph Matteucci Foundation for Youth Non-violence
  • Jubilee Christian Center
  • Leukemia Society of America
  • Make A Wish Foundation
  • Marshall Elementary School
  • OCHOA Middle School
  • Rendezvous
  • Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church
  • San Lorenzo High School
  • Sister City - San Felipe
  • Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.
  • As well as individual instruction, mentoring, and support for small business.'s ultimate goal is to concentrate more time on needy issues, and our personal project is to bring light to Dyslexia or Learning Disabilities through a video and multimedia project titled "Blessed With Dyslexia".

As an investment in our future, if we join together and chip away at the problems of the world together, eventually we will find balance and harmony for all people. We want to thank the people who have supported our visions. We are a small company, when it comes to media production we carry a big stick. - Stacy Poulos / Free thinker