"Life In A Nutshell"

Stories Along An Extraordinary Journey- By Stacy Poulos

Released June 2008

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Adult content (18+ )

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Genre: Auto biography
Paperback: 310 pages

Over 170 photos & illistrations.


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Contents----For my Mom----Introduction----In A Nutshell ----Dedication ----Acknowledgments ----Cake Mix ----Candied Hearts ----The Mistress 21----Sweet William in the Morning, Wild Bill at Night ----Mr. Bojangles ----Flying Fishes ----Hand-Me-Down Cars ----Tow Truck From Hell ----Three Minute Eggs ----Macaroni & Cheese ----In A Pickle ----My Brother Dopey ----Female Appointment ----Dirty Harry ----Out Of Toilet Paper?----29 And Only One Grey Hare ----Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Kera-Beaucoup ----Being Dinged ----My Nana and Bill ----Rhetorical Question? ----Something Else The Easter Bunny Brings ----Bachelor / Bachelorette Pad ----Larry Cracker Jack, Crackpot Counseling, Inc. ----Single And Available! ----My Other Brother Dope-y ----Tampons, Kitchens, and Bathrooms; ----Designed By Men, Made For Women ----Its All About The Egg! ----Aliens Have Taken My Mother ----Splitting Atoms & Stamping Envelopes ----Mid Stream ----From the book Beer Notes & Coffee Stains ----Beer Notes & Coffee Stains ----One Riddle of my Life: 38 years in 28 years ----Dust Bunnies ----Innies & Outies, Onezy-Twozys ----Notation: ----Paris, France. July 1, 2001. ----& Bern, Switzerland----Bern; Switzerland July 4, 2001. ----Gstaad; Switzerland ----Roma, Italy ----Santorini, Greece ----Mykonos, Greece ----Venice, Italy ----Munich, Germany ----Berlin, Germany ----Amsterdam, Holland ----Brussels, Belgium ----Paris and Home Augest 10, 2001. ----From Beer Notes & Coffee Stains ----The Fox, The Chicken, and The Seed ----From the book Beer Notes & Coffee Stains ----Twenty Questions ----Driving Miss Daisy ----Order In Chaos ----Monday Night Football In Yosemite? ----Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day ----Three Mill - Short Version ----Hope & Faith

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· Paperback: 316 pages
· Binding: Perfect
· Publisher: Playback.net (June 2008)

Listen to this recent endorsement by Cheryl Aloftman In Alabama, 1/2009

(Owner of Cheryl's Cafe In Spanish Fort Alabama)

Cheryl Reads tons of books, and compares 'Life In A Nutshell' to "The Autobiography of Eric Clapton", "Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice", By Maureen McCormick's, The Autobiography of Kathleen Turner" and the recent two Best Sellers "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Oprah controversy book "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey. Hear's what she has to say.


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Life In A Nutshell

by Stacy Poulos


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Genre: Memoirs
Paperback: 316 pages

Description: Stories Along An A extraordinary Journey


Stories Along An A extraordinary Journey-----

About the Author: Stacy Poulos----

Me, I was the Cinderella type, wanting to save the planet, idealistic about my future, having that innocence that the worlds a good place with good people, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, waiting for my handsome prince to come sweep me away. I envisioned and pursued a unique and fun life and career as film producer and a photographer since I was 7. I was ready and willing to endure the pit falls with poise. In my experience I found the funniest things in life aren't funny at all ...at the time. But when I somewhat gracefully survived and reflected... I always found the ironic humor in them as I learned from my mom. When people meet my mom, there mouth is usually dropped open. I watch them as they're amazed at some of the things that comes out of her mouth. Such as sympathy is between -shit and syphilis- in the dictionary. This book is a accumulation of stories I wrote over the years on my journey of sibyl rivalry, going to college, starting and maintaining a business on a shoestring budget, driving shitty cars, and surviving relationships. I was sure I was going to pull out of every short coming and these were just little set backs before I made my way to the top. Its frigin funny now. Determination is like spilled water flowing on a mission, it doesn't stop until it reaches its goal. It doesn't always know its being pulled by an invisible force manifested by gravitation, the human spirit. The direction isn't always as relevant as its missions journey that survives obstacles, because of the compelling pull of gravitation to its destiny. A journey that has no end because it resides in the heart and soul. -Stacy Poulos----

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BOOK READING: Kona Hawaii Reading & Release April 12, 2008 

It's official I had my first book reading of "Entangled In The thought Of You" at kona Stories in Hawaii, April 12, 2008. I also had my first reading of my Pre-first Edition "Life In A Nut Shell" It is now ready to buy on line.