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Current Website Sample 1

Current Website Sample 2

Included: One html optimized web site design or redesign.

Up to 20 pages. [click] Does not include java/flash/or forms. Includes 1 day shoot of digital photography. Or you can apply your day shoot toward a video for a commercial, etc.

Current Website Sample 2

Web pac includes:

One TV commercial / YouTube Video to embed on your website:


Included: one Banner Ad.

This allows you to market your website on other web sites such as your local chamber or trade sites where your potential customers might frequent.

Included: one calendar

Available free to your clients. It helps draw in viewers to your website. When people download and print it, they will have a subtle advertisement with your logo on it to last throughout the year. In 2002 -- 11,500 people downloaded my calendars. This is a great way to keep you in the minds of your clients.

Included: One Print Ad

Included: one print design.

You have the option to have an advertisement such as the ad on the left or a single company information sheet, flat or tri-fold (like CVFENCE's, right). You may also choose a postcard (below). Whatever fits your needs. Does not included ad placement or printing.

Tri-fold front

Tri-fold back

Photos & design By


Or you can use our self-service [click] products make your own blog, website, etc. and cherry pick extra services you need to doctor it up by us. Such as adding a video.

We offer a comprehensive Web-Pack that is complete with marketing materials to help launch a marketing campaign, it includes a web commercial that can be played on TV and YouTube. A website is simply not enough for any business, you need follow up materials as well as presentation materials to make your business work. A website that showcases your business with award winning talent. You're excellent at what you do, we're excellent at show-casing you. We keep up with technologies latest and greatest, but we only use what is useful and optimizes organic search engine leads.

The package comes complete with search engine optimization (SEO), Photo and video shoot by award winning talent, boot camp training. A PDF brochure show-casing your business (comes with discounted high quality printing), and a banner ad you can place else where on other sites.

The things we don't do, we work with an excellent local web company to take care of you. Our goal is not to do everything for you, but provide the best of what you may need as well as resources to do the rest.

Below is a letter to our client regarding the website we designed for Silvabodas. My policy is to keep it clean, simple, logical and organically optimized for search engine leads. Our strength is in presentation sites that showcase your business, or tell your story through video. We know the secrets to googles key word searches and pass that knowledge on to our clients to optimize your impact.

So while some people get wooed by other companies with hoopla, we are always here... 25 years in fact to support your media needs.

Our self services are easy to use as there is a 24/7 tech support to go along with your web site, you have us to back you up and give it more pizzazz' with video and custom backgrounds. See: self-service [click] products.

Web Pack [includes] PDF

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From: Abraham glazer
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2002 9:59 AM
Subject: Your web site

Jason & Bryan;

I am completely floored by the quality of your website. It is content rich, clear, well organized, comprehensive and presents both your business and personal contexts superbly. It also loads extremely fast on a dial-up connection that demonstrates a sensitivity to the fact that the vast majority of internet users are operating at connections of 56K or less. I would be very surprised if you have not received inquiries about your business from all over the world if not all over the USA. Congratulations on finding the right organization to assist you with the web site and for being so diligent about this detail of your business! I am inspired! ...